Your website is a business asset in which you presumably invested a significant  amount of time and money. It is crucial to the success of your business because it generates leads, 
attracts customers and brings in revenue (if it isn’t doing that we need to talk). 
As a key part of the success of your business, it must be regularly maintained at its optimal shape.

Standard Website Health Care
+ Only $1 for a 14 days trial
+ Security monitoring and proofing
+ Periodical upgrades (as required)
+ Version updates (core & plugins)
+ Weekly backup
+ Quick Restore Process
+ 1 hour/month content support
+ Suitable for most static websites
Premium Website Health Care
+ Only $1 for a 14 days trial
+ Security monitoring and proofing
+ Periodical upgrades (as required)
+ Version updates (core & plugins)
+ Daily backup
+ Quick Restore Process
+ Up to 4 hours of content support and site customisation (within reason) per month
+ Suitable for most interactive websites
Professional Website Health Care
+ Only $1 for a 14 days trial
+ Security monitoring and proofing
+ SPAM filtering
+ Periodical upgrades (as required)
+ Version updates (core & plugins)
+ Daily backup of site & DB
+ Quick Restore Process
+ Up to 8 hours of content support and site customisation (within reason) per month
+ Suitable for e-commerce websites

What Can Change?

Technology is evolving on a daily basis. Any software – be it Microsoft Office or your smart phone’s operating system – needs to be updated frequently. An even greater concern is security. It is a serious issue with more websites being hacked and attacked daily by hackers who are getting ever more sophisticated.

Let’s face it, websites are hosted on machines and machines can – and do – occasionally fail. Ensuring you have an up-to-date backup of your site is a must in order to quickly restore it if and when disaster strikes.

Can’t I do this myself?

As a business owner – no matter how good your intentions are – attending to your website will inevitably slip to the bottom of your to-do list very quickly. Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure is time consuming and quite tedious. It also keeps you away from what you should be doing, namely running your business.

Generic Assistance

True, you can rely on your hosting company to keep your website managed and up to date. After all, they probably do this for thousands of customers every day which means it is highly likely that they are very experienced and knowledgeable. It also means they might not necessarily be able to pay attention to the finer details of your individual website and/or business needs.

Our solution:

As there is a fair chance that we either built your website or at least have done some work on it, we know pretty much all the ins and outs of what makes it work. We also know the software platform your website is built on very well. That places us in the best position to keep your website up to date, backed up, secure and open for business.

What’s in it for you?

We will look after the nitty gritty stuff, so you can continue focusing on being a superhero to your customers. We will also perform a variety of small tasks on your website throughout the month to make sure every piece of content and code hangs together perfectly. This ensures your website will continue to drive attention and customers into your business at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself.

Do I really have to have a Care Plan?

This service is designed to offer you peace of mind and the assurance that you have a skilled partner who will make sure your website is up and running at its premium best. It is in your and our best interest. However, we’re only interested in working with clients who understand the value their website adds to their business. 

What are the main differences between the plans?

The Basic Care Plan is perfect if your website is designed for information purposes i.e. it is fairly static and does not collect much information from your customers. 

It offers:

  • Peace of mind that your website software is up to date;
  • Weekly backups stored on secure servers so you can rest easy that if anything ever goes wrong, we can restore your website quickly;
  • Constant security monitoring to ward off any nasty hacking attempts;

The Premium Care Plan is perfect if you are adding features or functionality to your website on a regular basis e.g. menus, specials and promotions. It includes all of the Basic Plan’s benefits plus:

  • Daily backups;
  • 1 hour phone based consulting session to assist you managing the content on your website;

The Professional plan is suitable to shopping cart based websites. It includes all of the Premium Plan’s benefits PLUS:

  • SPAM filtering;
  • Active security measures to eliminate any hacking attempts;
  • Monthly activity reports

Choose a plan and start your $1 14 days trial below.

Small print

  • There is no contract for any of these plans and you are free to cancel any time.
  • These plans are offered on a subscription basis and need to be paid monthly in advance.
  • Annual subscriptions are available. 
  • All plans have a $1 trial period of 14 days.
  • If for whatever reason you decide that your business is not worth this peace of mind, email us and we will cancel your subscription. easy!